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What's the best hot tub or spa?
          Where are the honest hot tub reviews and spa ratings?
                    Why hasn't Consumer Reports come out with a hot tub or spa rating guide?
                              Where are the spa reviews and hot tub ratings?

It's all so confusing shopping for a hot tub or spa, shopping for a used car is easier!"

  1. Comfort in the Spa:
    No matter how good or high a quality the spa may be, if you're not comfortable in it you wont be happy with it. The main reason most people get a hot tub is for relaxation and enjoyment. This is a bit difficult to accomplish in a spa that's not comfortable to be in. The only real way to tell the comfort of a spa is to test it with water in it. Wet test! What may feel comfortable, or even uncomfortable dry, will feel completely different full of water with the effects of buoyancy.

  2. Dealer Trust and integrity:
    The dealer you get a spa from can be as important or even more important that the manufacturer of the spa. It's the dealer that will have the best advise of care, and the dealer that will be providing timely service and taking care of warranty issues. The longer a dealers been in business the more likely they will go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. The length of time a dealer has carried a particular brand of spa can also be of importance. Sticking with the same brand for a long time can generally indicate a great satisfaction with that brand and the level of support provided by the manufacturer.
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